Exactly. I always go above and beyond for my friends. I expect the same respect and loyalty. If you lose that w me or betray me, I will forgive you. But, we both know it will never fully be the same. Think of what you say before you say them. Don’t threaten that person about dropping a friendship.

This quote reminded me of the time when Ive told a girl to go ahead and walk out of my life when all I asked was to drop the subject. She replied by saying that she’ll drop the friendship or whatever it was. I was really close to her and I was shocked by what happened because I never thought she would be like that. I did a lot for her and today someone told me that she feels all alone now. I introduced her to so many loving people who adored her. Yet, she was the one who decided to leave. I’m not going to chase anyone after what happened w my ex. If people want to leave, I’ll say the same thing I told her… I’ll hold the door open of you.


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