102 days old

Already wearing 6 month onesies!!!!


14 wks and 4 days old. Why is time going by so fast? Another doctor told me today that I should sell my milk. She said she’s surprise with how big he is and that my milk will def help premies. I trained in NICU for a couple days and would love to do that. I remember my first baby that I took care of and how extremely fragile he was. I was pregnant at the time and I remember how much love I gave to that newborn baby. He was the first baby that I fed, changed a diaper, bathed and was the first time I got attached to a patient. I will never forget him and how jealous I got when his parents came to see him.  I just got so attached and wanted that precious little boy all to myself lol. Little did I know, he was actually training me to be a mom to my own precious son.


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