102 days old

Already wearing 6 month onesies!!!!


14 wks and 4 days old. Why is time going by so fast? Another doctor told me today that I should sell my milk. She said she’s surprise with how big he is and that my milk will def help premies. I trained in NICU for a couple days and would love to do that. I remember my first baby that I took care of and how extremely fragile he was. I was pregnant at the time and I remember how much love I gave to that newborn baby. He was the first baby that I fed, changed a diaper, bathed and was the first time I got attached to a patient. I will never forget him and how jealous I got when his parents came to see him. Β I just got so attached and wanted that precious little boy all to myself lol. Little did I know, he was actually training me to be a mom to my own precious son.


98 days old


I’m currently sleeping in the nursery. Milly decided to take up the entire bed and there was no way that I was able to fit. But, I think I like it better this way because I still dont like pets on the furniture… What can I do now though 😦 I know it’s awful to sleep w the baby, but it’s the best feeling cuddling next to them while they sleep. Pretty soon, I need to learn to let go and put him in his crib! Lately, every time I set him down he fusses and immediately stops crying when I pick him up. Lol such a mama’s boy! I’m just worried when I start leaving to go to drill 😦 he’s just used to me being around and I don’t even want to think about being away for two days. I don’t know how single moms do it! I’m just glad I’m blessed to enjoy every waking moment with my baby Joseph.

97 days


Today my little man and I had to wake up bright and early for his appt. Well, 8 am is pretty early if you’re not a morning person. The doctor said he looked great and baby j is currently not taking oral hydrocortisone. However, I noticed tonight that he has it all over his stomach and back again 😦 Walmart ran out of the cream that the doctor prescribed and I have to wait until Monday. I just have this gut feeling that it’s going to get worse. I’m just going to ask the pharmacist if any other pharmacy has it.

On the second picture is with our friend Kayla at her going away party. It’s crazy how fast time flies. We’re going to miss her and her family 😦 her husband is deploying and I can’t even imagine what she’s going through. One day I might be in her shoes. As of right now, there’s no sense worrying about that until the time comes.